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De-Duplication contact records

Duplicate contact across your application landscape? Your team of SF Doctors is here to help you fix this, today.

Consent management

Struggling how to configure, set up and build consent- and preference management across your Salesforce landscape? 5-steps to be compliant

Katie - CRM manager

TheSF.Doctor trained my CRM team from 0, to truly use the power of SFMC. It was impressive to see the dedication and patience.

In a short amount of time my team can stand on their own to create campaigns in minutes, easily report on campaign performance and create optimizations. We are truly using Salesforce marketing Cloud now to drive engaging customer experience and creating value across the board

Roy - email marketeer

With the pragmatic guidance of TheSF.Doctor I learned how I can easily create new journeys in minutes (instead of months!) and how to manage and optimize my campaigns in a frictionless way.

Holly - CMO

SFMC can be challenging and complex to truly utilize - just for basic campaigns and journeys. Let alone the complex personalization use cases. The team of TheSF.Doctor managed to help my global marketing teams on both pragmatic as strategic parts to pragmatically utilize Salesforce Marketing cloud to create added value.

Their pragmatic approached, combined with humor is refreshing to collaborate with. This led to supercharging the efforts of my teams into marketing automation experts, now easily creating, managing and optimising 30+ complex connected journeys in Marketing Cloud

Melissa - email marketeer

Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be challenging to use, as you need to know a lot about the application.

TheSF.Doctor team are fantastic teachers. Truly taking their time to explain details that are important, whilst being pragmatic in the approach how to easily create one off campaigns ánd scalable journeys.

Every week I am able to smash out campaigns (email, sms and WhatsApp!) that truly drive added value for our customers. Thank you for the valuable lessons around SFMC and warm way of coaching me!